Pulse by Speed Design GmbH

“Pulse” division of Speed Design GmbH focuses on the high end aftermarket for Tesla Automobiles. This company’s core design aesthetics grew out of production and manufacturing experiences from Germany, where we were originally based.

It is why all our products are designed with thorough attention to detail. We make sure they will stand up to all environments, which is why we use wind tunnels, CAD, and track performance analysis to improve the performance and efficiency of our products for Tesla-based vehicles.

We know Tesla owners have high expectations and are very discerning when it comes to modifications of their vehicles. Fortunately, being located in Tesla’s back yard offers us exposure to many Tesla vehicles and their owners, and allows us to complement and meet those expectations with specialized quality parts.

Speed Design GmbH

Located in the Bay Area (San Francisco, California) we are a design firm with a special attention to detail and manufacturing in high performance, high quality materials for both the aftermarket auto environment, and industrial design for lifestyle consumer products.